We understand that you may have a few questions with reqards to our products and services.

Many of the questions you might ask are answered for you below.

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Website Development

Will SP Media Create My Content for Me?

As a standard rule SP does not create content for you. You need to provide your own content. Content can be defined as text, images, videos, pdf documents, audio files etc etc. We do create graphics from source material you provide and can help you focus headings etc. for better conversion. If you do require SP to create content for you - especially text - please just ask us in advance. We can have this done for you by experts that provide an excellent service for a very reasonable additional amount.

Which Payment Processors does SP Media support with its ecommerce solution?

SP eCommerce supports PayPal Standard. For PayPal Standard you must set up a PayPal Business account. If you have a requirement to connect to an alternate Payment Processor you should contact SP to discuss your requirements.

How many products will SP Media add to my website if I add an ecommerce installation?

SP Media will place any number of products on your website during development up to the total number of hours you have purchased for your site's development. So if you have a SP Premium website with 40 hours of development and the site design and addition of all other content has only taken 30 hours then you have 10 hours available for us to add products to your website. If you have a SP Support Plan you can use your monthly 1 hour of support of course to have our support team add products to your website as well.

What is the maximum filesize for SP Media Hosted Sites?

No single file stored on a website on a SP Media hosting or Support plan shall be in excess of 5MB. Such files slow down your website when accessed and slow down our servers. There are far better places to store larger files such as audio and video etc. Please contact SP if you need to know more on this topic.

Will SP Media convert and upload my videos to YouTube, Vimeo or likewise for me?

SP will convert your video from a non-compatible format for you for a small fee. This will be quoted following supply of a copy of the video to SP Support. Similarly uploading your video to YouTube, Vimeo or likewise is not available for free. Fortunately this task has been made very quick and simple by the excellent user interfaces provided by YouTube, Vimeo etc so doing this yourself should not be too difficult.

Can I store video files on my SP Media website?

SP will not store videos on your SP hosted website. The place to store videos is on a server that is optimised for video. Storing them on your website may significantly slow its response time. Try storing your video on YouTube, Vimeo or even on a cloud server and then embedding the video on your website. Your site users will notice the difference in the performance of your website.

How many images, slideshows, attachments, audio and videos will SP Media add during development?

During development SP will add as many images, slideshows / sliders and attachments as can be uploaded and positioned on your site within your allocated website development hours. For a SP Premium website this is 40 hours. So if developing your website and adding all other content has come to a total of 30 hours then you have 10 hours remaining for this task.

How many pages and posts will SP Media create for me during the development of my website?

During development we will add as many pages and posts as your allocated development time allows. For a SP Premium site this is 40 hours in total. So if developing your website and adding all other content has come to a total of 30 hours then you have 10 hours remaining for this task. For sites hosted by SP there is a total site limit of 1 GB of data storage.

Will my new website get to the first page on Google?

Whilst we build your website with features that allow you to take the best advantage of on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) opportunities we do not fine tune your website for SEO as we do not know your keywords. If you require SEO then you should also purchase an SEO package as well.

My website looks different in Internet Explorer than it does in other browsers, why is this?

SP adheres to modern web development standards so we will code a rounded corner in CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) NOT using an image. The same applies for drop shadows and other features that can be built using CSS. The main issues you will find here are with IE7 and IE8 as they do not support modern web standards.

Which web browsers and web browser versions do SP Media support?

In general, SP will support the currently released version of a web browser and 2 versions back. SP does not provide support for IE6 (Internet Explorer 6). This product is no longer supported by WordPress nor, in fact, even by Microsoft. You can look on our website to see which browsers and versions of browsers we do support.

Should I upgrade my own WordPress plugins?

If you upgrade a plugin yourself and the site breaks you run the risk of us either advising that you should turn it off immediately, or in a worse case scenario, you may be charged for site repairs for problems caused to the site by the plugin you have upgraded. It is always better to ask about a plugin first rather than just adding or upgrading it yourself.

Does SP Media upgrade my WordPress installation and my plugins?

SP Media will upgrade your WordPress installation and your SP Certified WordPress plugins if you are subscribed to SP Hosting or SP Support. We do not support upgrades to plugins where the upgrade has not been certified by SP Media. We also do not upgrade WordPress or WordPress plugins on self-hosted sites.

What WordPress Plugins does SP Media support?

SP does not support WordPress plugins that have not been tested and certified by SP Media (see SP Certified WordPress plugins for a list of currently certified WordPress Plugins). If you add them to your site and the site breaks you run the risk of us either advising that you should turn them off immediately, or in a worse case scenario, you may be charged for site repairs for problems caused to the site by the plugin you have added. It is always better to ask about a plugin first rather than just adding it yourself.

Does SP Media provide support for my third party server?

SP deos not provide support for your server. If you or your client self host then any and all operations of that server are not our responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to server performance and email.

Will SP Media guarantee that my new website will work on my existing hosting provider?

SP will not guarantee our website will work on your third party server or your client’s third party server. WordPress has specific requirements for servers and these can change on a major WordPress upgrade (which happens at least once per year at present). If you or your client want to self host it is “your responsibility” to make sure your server supports the latest version of WordPress and has sufficient available resources (disk space, available database for WordPress) and that you provide the correct level of access to that server – CPanel or equivalent. If SP has to do special changes to comply with a non-standard server these changes may be chargeable.

If I require SP Media Support or Hosting when do I pay?

If you have selected SP to host your site and / or to provide support you must pay the first instalment of the monthly subscription prior to your website going live.

Will SP Media implement and manage backups for my website?

SP will implement a regular WordPress database backup for SP Hosted and SP Support clients. Self-hosted clients are required to setup and manage their own backups.

Will SP Media backup my existing website

SP will not backup your existing website.

Will SP Media create email accounts for me?

SP will create a limited number of email accounts for SP Hosted and SP Support clients. SP will create 2 email accounts for a SP Lite site, 5 email accounts for a SP Premium and 10 email accounts for a SP Custom. SP will not create email accounts on your server.

Will SP Media Create 301 Re-Directs on My Existing Server?

SP is not responsible for adding 301 re-directs for your site on your existing server.

Will SP Media Custom Crop Our Images for Us?

We do not custom crop your images for your galleries or your slideshow. We just resize them and crop as we need to. If you want them redone we have an extensive list of video tutorials that will show you how to custom crop your images.

We want to keep our current website operational whilst SP Media builds our new website. Is that possible?

SP can build your new website on a test server and then transfer it to the live server once you have viewed and approved the new website. This service is available for $110 (includes GST) which covers the cost of the transfer of the site to the “live” server once it becomes available.

Will SP Media Commence Our Development Prior to Payment?

SP will not commence the development of your website without the requisite full payment (SP Lite and SP Premium) or partial payment (SP Custom) in advance.

Does SP Media Invoice?

We do not invoice for product purchases. Payment is made electronically by clicking on the Buy Now Buttons on the respective product page. Following a successful purchase transaction you will receive a receipt that you can printout for you records. SP does invoice for additional or extended developments processed through our Support Helpdesk.

Are there limits on the development time I get with a SP Media Website

Yes there are limits on the development time allocated to a new SP website. For a SP Premium Website you get 40 hours development time included, for a Custom site you get 20 hours, for a Responsive site your get 30 hours and for a Mobile site you get 20 hours. You can purchase additional hours at a reduced rate if you need them to complete your website. SP does not stop the development on the dot when you these limits are reached nor charge you for an hour or two over the limit. We will contact you and discuss the project with you, however, if we can see that there will be a major over run on the allocated time.