Using WordPress Global Content Blocks to Promote Your Content

WordPress is a great Content Management System, however, some things can be a little bit hard to achieve if you do not know the tricks of the trade.

Here at SP Media we are committed to helping you use your WordPress site to get the leads and sales that you want by using these tips and tricks to take you to the next level.

Just say for example that you have a killer newsletter or some amazing content that you know will be of great value to your site visitors so you want to display a signup form for them to get that content.

Ideally you would want to display that signup form  in many places including on your latest blog posts.

Now you could place the form in a sidebar and that is a good strategy, however, another strategy is to embed that form with your content as well.

Some forms allow you to embed them within your content via a shortcode and this makes your editing simple, however, sometimes you need to add more than just a simple form which is where the Global Content Blocks plugin is the perfect solution.

How To Add Your Content to Multiple Pages With The Minimum Effort

For example if you have created your signup form on aweber or Mailchimp and you have many lines of code. Inserting that in new posts that you create week in week out would be annoying.

You would have to store the code for the form then go and find it as you are writing the post, copy and paste in the right location all the time hoping you had not missed anything.

With the Global Content Blocks plugin all you would have to do is to create a new Global Content Block, paste the code in once and save the content block.

When writing your post you simply click the icon in the editor for Global Content Blocks and select the one you want and click insert. This is a much simpler process.

Adding Multiple Content Blocks

What if you had multiple forms for different post types? What if you also wanted to insert various advertisements within the content of your posts and pages as well?

No problem with Global Content Blocks.

Just create a content block for each of the blocks of code you want to insert and then when you come to create your post just click the Global Content Blocks Icon and select the Content Block you require and click insert.

This simple plugin can save you a lot of time and effort which means you are far more likely to take the action to add these important conversion tools to your content.

About This Video

In this video Kirk shows you how to add Global Content Blocks using the Global Content Blocks plugin and then how to add your new Content Block to a post or a page using the standard WordPress TinyMCE editor.

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